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Welcome to Castallo & Silky LLC
Education Consultants

Castallo & Silky LLC was formed in 2000 when Education Management Associates and Educational Services Associates dissolved and the primary partner of each consulting firm joined forces. Although Dr. Castallo and Dr. Silky had previously collaborated on several projects for school districts across the nation prior to this, they had done so with their respective consulting businesses. By joining forces, Silky and Castallo crafted a strategic alliance to better serve current and future clients of both firms. In 2003 Dr. Castallo relocated to California and left the partnership and in July 2020, while still maintaining the Directorship, Dr. Silky stepped back from an active role in the firm and has primarily assumed back office responsibilities.


Castallo & Silky LLC provides a variety of management services to school districts. To view a detailed description of these specialized services, a list of current and former clients, and on-going projects, click on the appropriate link.

Castallo & Silky LLC works exclusively in New York State.   If you desire additional information, you can contact Dr. William Silky at WDSilky@aol.com or call us at 315-727-0301.

P.O. Box 15100, Syracuse, New York 13215